Mobile Electric Floor Heating System

Floor Heating Systems 0.5mm to 1.0mm in construction height

Foil Heat

The perfect underfloor heating for mobile units where very low construction heights are required, Eg. demo cars mobile studios, photo cars or other places where heat is needed during installation.

The foil heating system is ideal for installation over all types of flat subfloors. Wood or carpet can be used as flooring.

Operating voltage 42V – 48V
Effect 80 til 210 Watt/m2

Floor heating systems 0.5mm to 4.5mm in construction height


The perfect floor heating for mobile devices, which require high strength, Fx driving trucks!

HeatBoard systemet er ideelt til installation over alle former for plane undergulve. Som gulvbelægning kan anvendes stål, aluminium, træ eller tæppe.

Med en højde på mindre end 4,5 mm, har det meget lidt effekt på gulvhøjden.

Operating voltage 12V – 24V– 230V
Effect 45 to 300 Watt/m2

Factors that make the system unmatched

Overall height – Heat distribution Ability – Works fast
Three characteristics that are completely unmatched.

We supply a complete system tailored to the cart. As part of the system, one of our HandyHeat thermostats is included, which ensures high thermal comfort

Remember to choose a thermostat

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