Dansk Varmekabel provides advanced thermostats, developed and designed for electric floor heating. All thermostats are fully electronically controlled thermostats with high precision and reliability.

The thermostat is an essential part of a floor heating system and has the following features:

When choosing a thermostat, we recommend that a thermostat with a floor limiter is used for wooden floors. This ensures that the underfloor heating is maximally gentle on the wooden floor

HandyHeat 950 WiFi

Remote control of heating from anywhere, at any time.

The discreet and timeless design of the touch screen makes it fit into modern home interior.

The robust system design means that users will retain full control of the heating even if Internet access is interrupted. Users can always access all programming options and functions via the built-in touch screen display.


HandyHeat 922

The HandyHeat 922 thermostat is one of the most reliable and energy efficient thermostats on the market. HandyHeat 922 can control loads of up to 16 A.

You can choose between fixed Manual setting or Program setting.

The large LCD display always shows the status of the room temperature whether it is in Manual temperature setting or whether it is running in program.


HandyHeat 822

HH-822-FThermostat with simple, symmetrical balanced Scandinavian design and LCD display technology

A simple to use, yet sophisticated thermostat which meets modern requirements of energy saving, functionality and ease of use in everyday life.


HandyHeat 270

Suitable for rooms with multiple heat sources eg. stove, radiator or heat pump.

HandyHeat 270 is a fully programmable thermostat with touch screen display. The large LCD display always shows the status of the program steps and makes the program setting easy and clear.


HandyHeat 260 Thermostat with room and floor sensor


HandyHeat 230 Thermostat with floor sensor

Thermostat that fit into the frame system FUGA.

Thermostat dial for temperature selection and switch.


HandyHeat 132

One of the most energy efficient thermostats on the market. Includes large LCD display that shows program status for the week program.

HandyHeat 132 can control the loads of up to 3500 watts. The large LCD display always shows the status of the program steps and makes tuning easy and manageable.

Digital, programmable, intelligent floor heating thermostat, wall mounted

  • HandyHeat-132-AF Control room temperature with the limitation on the floor the minimum and maximum temperature
  • HandyHeat-132-A Control of room temperature


Thermostat with waterproof covering

Temperature control of heating cables or frost protection cables. 3m wire temperature sensor included.

The thermostat covers all areas of use, both electric floor heating, frost protection, ice and snow melting. This ensures maximum comfort and minimal energy consumption.

The large backlit display provides a good overview of the settings, even in the dark, where traditional thermostats without light can be difficult to read. It is easy to operate with the three navigation buttons. Pressing one of the buttons will turn on the backlight and will glow for 30 seconds after the last activity.

Temperature settings

The thermostat has a temperature setting range of -19.5 to +70 ° C, and can also be a cooling thermostat. The setting range can be limited to a desired temperature range (factory setting = 0-40 ° C) by using the right and left buttons. The display will flash and after 5 seconds the display will show the desired temperature.

The thermostat operates with external wiring sensor.

Mounted on wall.

Floor sensor 3 meter, for HandyHeat thermostat

Boxes for HandyHeat thermostats

HandyHeat DIN rail mounted thermostats

HandyHeat has a wide range of DIN Rail mounted thermostats. The selection covers floor heating, ice and snow melting, frost protection, roofing and drainpipe ice protection.

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