Handy Heat floor heating kit


A popular system for bathrooms, for its flexibility and use in all shapes and sizes of rooms. Like HandyMat, it can be laid on existing floors and covered with tile adhesive. The cable comes in a length which is laid out and which fits into all kinds of rooms and areas.

HandyKits can be used in any room, no matter how irregular the room is.

The set is available in 12 sizes, which contains everything you need for the installation.

HandyKit 10 Standard includes

Varmekabel Kit 10 Standard Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel

Flexible twin-conductor heating cables

The cable is a serial, resistive, two-wire heating cable. Thanks to the construction with double current conductor, you only need to connect one end to the connection socket. The cable is insulated with polymeric heating wire insulation, which gives the cable an extremely high heat resistance. The diameter is approx. 3 mm. Cable Kit is supplied with a 2.5 m connection cable.

Remember to choose a thermostat


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