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Special Heating Cables

Special Heating Cables

Customised electric heating

Dansk Varmekabel produces heating cables according to the customer's choice. When our customers have a special request, we try to solve it with the existing cables. If this is not possible, we will try to develop the best solution together with you. We have a large and varied stock program of electric heating components that enables us to manufacture special solutions in a short time. If you have a task, please contact us so we can give you a solution proposal.

Electric heating for medical hospital equipment

DTFP heating cable



DTFP Heating pad / Heating coil



Dansk Varmekabel manufactures heating cables
according to our customers' wishes

Our customers have a specific task, we try to solve it with cables from our existing program. If it is not possible – we will, in consultation with the customer produce heating cables specifically solves the current problem.

As examples we can mention the heating cables for:

HandyGrow plant heating cables

Plants love warmth

Plants grow with Handygrow plant heating cables. Without warmth plants will not grow. Professional plant growers have learned that rapid plant growth is achieved by heating the soil to a higher temperature than the air. If the soil is not heated, the soil will have a lower temperature than the air. Cold water irrigation lowers the root temperature further.

HnadyGrow heating cables can:

Heating the soil improves seed germination and plant growth. The optimal growth conditions are achieved for most seeds and plants at a soil temperature of 15-21 ° C and an air temperature of 5-7 ° C.

The technique is to send the heating cable at the bottom of a layer of sand of 3 cm. The heating cable is laid with approximately 10 cm distance. The heat is thus evenly distributed.

HandyGrow heating cable comes in outputs 15 watts – 25 watts – 50 watts – 80 watts. Typically, use 80 watts per m ² plant box, depending on the plant box structure, insulation and function.

For heating cables supplied a complete range of accessories that make installation easy in any kind of plant boxes.

HandyGrow heating cables are manufactured in accordance with applicable IEC standards and are CE marked.


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