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Company Profile

With 20 years of experience, we not only deliver products,
but also offer a design service.


20 years experience



Speedy Delivery



We design our own cable



Small and flexibe



We create the future by using their ingenuity and activities. Dansk Varmekabel keywords are: honesty, seriousness, dynamism, adaptability, flexibility and openness. These general characteristics are part of our organization and is fundamental to our corporate culture. The core of our company is our employees, their ability to create the future by ingenuity and activity, and adaptation to the market without compromising on our attitude to the environment.

Competitive Quality Products

Our goal is to treat our customers with respect, dignity and precision and to deliver the most competitive quality products.


Industrial Heating Systems

We supply systems and components for a variety of purposes: antifreeze, El-tracing of pipes, containers, tanks and silos, El-tracing for cement plants, El-tracing asphalt plant, El-tracing for wind turbines, El-tracing for conveyor systems, hot tables , underfloor heating utility trucks anti-condensation heating cables for windows.

Technical support and service

As a company, we work professionally, dynamic and open-minded - ready to shape the future. Whatever your requirements for heating, we are ready to provide you with a service that is personal as well as professional.

Code of Conduct

Dansk Varmekabel A / S must take social responsibility and have sound ethical guidelines. We have prepared a code of conduct that all our suppliers and distributors must sign. This Code is based on the principles of DS-ISO 2600: 2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility / Guidance on Social and Ethical Responsibility, as well as applicable human rights conventions implemented in Danish law.
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