Accessories for Cables

Handyfix tape - Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel

HandyFix restrain

HandyFix a constraint intended to mount 7 mm Handy Cable flexible c-c distance of 25 mm intervals.

Use 1 meter HandyFix tapes for every 6 meters of cable.

HandyFix available with or without double-sided tape for mechanical mounting.

HandyHeat Cable Monitor

For control and monitoring of heating cables, heating mats and Parquet Heat before, during and after installation.

Cable Monitor - Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel
HandyHeat Varmetape til fixering af varmekabler - Dansk Varmekabel

HandyHeat Heat Tape

Hot Stage is double sided, available in 80 m. It is used for fixation of heating cables with the desired c-c distance. Used for FH-10 and DVC-10 cables.

HandyHeat Alu Tape

Alu tape 25 x 50 mm are used for fixation of DVU heating cable. The heating cable is fastened on the underside of the pipe with aluminum tape. Aluminum tape provides a low contact resistance to the pipe and the heater-dispersing. Approved to 120 ºC.

Alu tape - Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel
Schuko varmekabel - Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel

Handy Heat Cold cable with
a thermostat and Plug (Schuko)

Power cord with thermostat is a perfect solution for controlling the self-regulating heating cables. The thermostat switch at + 5 ° C and off at + 8 ° C, thus ensuring frost pipe installation without unnecessary use of power.