Antifreeze Indoors

PEX Guard Self-regulating Pipe-in-Pipe frost protection cables


Frost protection of cold store doors

These heating cables are designed to be laid inside pipes for draining water from thawing refrigeration equipment installed in cold rooms. They operate only during thawing cycles.

These heating cables are fitted to refrigerating compressors to prevent the coolant from being absorbed by the oil. The lower the temperature, the quicker and the more complete the absorption, which can seriously damage the compressor, especially when starting up, through lack of lubrication.

pex guard super flex frostsikring Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel
DVU Selvregulerende varmekabel med termostat - industri - produkter - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel

Frost protection cables with integrated thermostat and plug


Frost protection of pipes.

These cables can be used for many purposes including frost protection of pipes and vessels. Varmekabelet is self-regulating which means it adjust the meter for meter. There are built-in thermostat so that the cable is switched on at +5 ° C.

Self-limiting heating cables are constructed with a thermistor element between two paralle copper conductors. When DVU antifreeze cables connected to the mains a current flows through the temperaturafhænginge resistor element, thereby heating it. When the element is heated increases the resistance value and the current falls wherein said heating is restricted. Hence the self-limiting effect.
This regulation of power takes place independent anywhere on the heating cable adjusted to the current ambient temperature.
DVU heating cable used in places where you want to maintain a certain temperature in the pipework. Typical applications include hot-water installations and drainage systems in homes, buildings, institutions, industry, etc.

Heating Mats

The heating mat is completely waterproof and provides a good distribution of heat to overlying sand or soil.

Heating mat for use as a heat pad under plant boxes or terrariums.

The mat achieves a temperature of 30 – 35 degrees without cover

Varmemåtter for varmebord - industri - produkter -Handy Heat -Dansk Varmekabel

The image shows HandyHeat DVU solution containing ½ "and ¾" screw to the inside of the tube.

Cables specially designed for water applications.

Along the ear appears our DVU solution is a cable for external use, here recommended to use aluminum tape for fastening, the tape is resistant to chemicals and heat also is really good to reflect heat.

The cables come in the following lengths, 13 Watt / m

EAN numberModel
5707524799519DVU-0,5 meter
5707524799520DVU-1 meter
5707524799537DVU-2 meter
5707524799551DVU-3 meter
5707524799575DVU-4 meter
5707524799599DVU-5 meter
5707524799599DVU-5 meter
5707524799612DVU-6 meter
EAN numberModel
5707524799650DVU-8 meter
5707524799698DVU-10 meter
5707524799735DVU-12 meter
5707524799773DVU-14 meter
5707524799810DVU-16 meter
5707524799858DVU-18 meter
5707524799896DVU-20 meter
5707524799995DVU-100 meter rolls

Subsequent lengths are available upon request.