Camping Heating

Get underfloor heating in the caravan and enjoy the warm floor

Underfloor heating has become very popular. Not without reason as unheated floors in the winter months can be cold and uncomfortable. With Camping Heating can get a warm floor to always ensure the best floor comfort.

Heating Camping is a heating foil, only 0.3 mm thick, based on a plastic film with low pressure, sealed with a strong plastic foil.

Camping Heat can be installed directly on the caravan floor. The direct contact with the overlying carpet provides a fast acting floor heating.

Varmefolie pakke - Produkt - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel


  • Can be installed by all
  • Low overall height of only 0.3 mm
  • Placed directly on the floor of caravan
  • Carpet can be laid directly on the heating foil
  • Maintenance free
  • 10 year warranty