Floor Heating Mats

Floor Heating System for wood and laminate flooring


AluMat underfloor heating system mounted directly under the wood or laminate flooring.

Along with its exceptional 6mm Depron floor insulation plate gives it a maximum height of 8mm (Depronpladen replaces the normal step attenuator).

AluMat is based on a strong aluminum foil and a low power heating cable. The heavy duty aluminum foil ensures a fast and efficient heat distribution. AluMat available in sizes 1 to 12 m2 can be quickly and easily installed directly under the wood or laminate flooring, or between joists.

Alu mat - Gulvvarmemåtter - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel
Handy Mat Floor Heating System - Handy Heat - Dansk Varmekabel

HandyMat Floor Heating System


Underfloor heating

Twin conductor teflon insulated heating cable, pre-woven to a mesh, with the cable ready spaced out, for hassle free laying. The mesh on the cable mat is self adhesive, no need for taping, making it simple to lay.

Available in a range of heating power: 60 – 100 – 120 – 130  – 150 – 160 – 200 Watt / sqm. and sizes from 1 sqm. to 12 sqm.

HandyMat DVCM-150